Course & Program Outcomes Matrix - Master's

Program Outcomes
Code Course Type L1L2L3L4L5L6F1F2F3P1P2
BIO 501Area Electives54555543522
BIO 502Area Electives543355255
BIO 511Area Electives51555555511
BIO 512Area Electives
BIO 532Area Electives
BIO 541Area Electives55545522311
BIO 543Area Electives
BIO 567Area Electives
BIO 570Area Electives444455234
BIO 580Area Electives555555555
BIO 581Area Electives
BIO 606Area Electives
BIO 610Area Electives535454355
BIO 633Area Electives55555511511
BIO 634Area Electives555555115
BIO 636Area Electives55555515511
BIO 641Area Electives
BIO 642Area Electives444455455
BIO 644Area Electives
BIO 645Area Electives55554555512
BIO 676Area Electives
CHEM 505Area Electives41524432411
CS 500Core Electives53445442254
CS 501Core Electives31131211121
CS 503Core Electives41123332443
CS 504Core Electives54455553144
CS 505Core Electives54554455555
CS 506Core Electives55555555522
CS 507Core Electives31324433322
CS 508Core Electives55355545344
CS 510Core Electives
CS 512Core Electives51343355555
CS 517Core Electives41444444432
CS 525Core Electives52554555544
CS 526Core Electives53555555422
CS 531Core Electives11123233212
CS 534Core Electives11344344233
CS 535Core Electives21414143111
CS 539Core Electives31232252222
CS 543Core Electives53455553424
CS 551Required Courses44223211111
CS 552Required Courses52412511511
CS 560Core Electives51422455121
CS 580Core Electives
CS 58000Core Electives
CS 581Core Electives
CS 582Core Electives52435555444
CS 680Core Electives
CS 68000Core Electives
CS 68001Core Electives
CS 681Core Electives42225533411
EE 521Core Electives
EE 523Core Electives32443544442
EE 524Core Electives32424355554
EE 525Core Electives
EE 528Core Electives51233453243
EE 533Core Electives53455555453
EE 534Core Electives55554555555
EE 536Core Electives
EE 537Core Electives52543555554
EE 541Core Electives
EE 544Core Electives
EE 550Core Electives52255545545
EE 551Required Courses54535443333
EE 552Required Courses54535443333
EE 554Core Electives
EE 555Core Electives53544455545
EE 556Core Electives44545555554
EE 561Core Electives
EE 563Core Electives52555555535
EE 566Core Electives554455
EE 567Core Electives53455355443
EE 568Core Electives
EE 569Core Electives51444454534
EE 571Core Electives55353553455
EE 573Core Electives32221155441
EE 580Core Electives
EE 58000Core Electives
EE 584Core Electives
EE 590Master Thesis53555555555
EE 621Core Electives52334453231
EE 626Core Electives53555555552
EE 627Core Electives42344454421
EE 628Core Electives53544555555
EE 633Core Electives44443554452
EE 634Core Electives
EE 654Core Electives51444453555
EE 672Core Electives42343344444
EE 68000Core Electives51355551225
EE 684Core Electives
ENS 505Area Electives544455455
ENS 511Core Electives52344453555
ENS 512Core Electives
ENS 513Area Electives
ENS 514Area Electives
ENS 521Area Electives555455314
ENS 525Core Electives55555555555
ENS 526Core Electives
ENS 555Required Courses52415311411
ETM 590Area Electives
GR 501ERequired Courses55144311211
GR 502ERequired Courses
GR 503ERequired Courses
GR 555ERequired Courses545455
IE 501Area Electives51232433322
IE 503Area Electives514544512
IE 509Core Electives
IE 512Core Electives51113232512
IE 514Area Electives55555551511
IE 515Area Electives
IE 516Core Electives42454444211
IE 522Core Electives
IE 524Area Electives
IE 525Area Electives51345445523
IE 527Area Electives53444444311
IE 532Area Electives511221
IE 545Area Electives
IE 563Area Electives53544454411
IE 565Area Electives43444543411
IE 566Area Electives42444343321
IE 567Area Electives
IE 580Area Electives524445455
IE 58000Area Electives51433454311
IE 58001Area Electives
IE 58002Area Electives534334533
IE 58003Area Electives
IE 581Area Electives511223344
IE 582Area Electives534454543
IE 601Area Electives514444455
IE 602Area Electives54434355411
IE 605Area Electives
IE 606Area Electives
IE 640Area Electives
IE 680Area Electives
IE 681Area Electives534323455
IE 682Area Electives
MAT 501Area Electives
MAT 502Area Electives52332352311
MAT 504Area Electives
MAT 505Area Electives434444444
MAT 507Area Electives
MAT 509Area Electives
MAT 510Area Electives
MAT 511Area Electives325555555
MAT 514Area Electives55444452211
MAT 518Area Electives
MAT 520Area Electives414445435
MAT 521Area Electives
MAT 522Area Electives
MAT 523Area Electives
MAT 524Area Electives415344423
MAT 560Area Electives
MAT 571Area Electives513355245
MAT 580Area Electives
MAT 671Area Electives
MAT 672Area Electives513545555
MAT 680Area Electives534415555
MAT 68000Area Electives
MATH 501Core Electives52523432333
MATH 502Core Electives51532422242
MATH 505Area Electives414214111
MATH 511Area Electives511143
MATH 512Area Electives534431253
MATH 514Area Electives52233441245
MATH 517Area Electives
MATH 519Area Electives52233511231
MATH 523Area Electives
MATH 524Core Electives54443422352
MATH 525Area Electives
MATH 526Area Electives51323411111
MATH 531Area Electives
MATH 532Area Electives
MATH 541Area Electives
MATH 542Area Electives
MATH 555Area Electives
MATH 561Area Electives41235311211
MATH 571Core Electives41221311111
MATH 572Area Electives52333342354
MATH 576Area Electives
MATH 578Area Electives
MATH 58000Area Electives511143111
MATH 58001Area Electives524435311
MATH 601Area Electives
MATH 602Area Electives514225
MATH 612Area Electives
MATH 616Area Electives513245
MATH 618Area Electives
MATH 636Area Electives
MATH 639Area Electives
MATH 68001Area Electives11111111111
MATH 68002Area Electives
MATH 68003Area Electives55535
ME 502Core Electives53544455552
ME 512Area Electives
ME 515Area Electives545355555
ME 520Area Electives555355535
ME 525Core Electives51453455544
ME 530Area Electives55555555
ME 535Area Electives55555454544
ME 537Core Electives
ME 561Area Electives
ME 562Area Electives515555555
ME 58000Area Electives
ME 58001Area Electives
ME 58002Area Electives
ME 582Area Electives545555435
ME 583Area Electives513433523
ME 682Area Electives
ME 683Area Electives
MFG 511Area Electives54554555555
MFG 512Area Electives
MFG 58000Area Electives
MFG 5801Area Electives
NS 501Area Electives
NS 566Area Electives512144
PHYS 501Area Electives42333333343
PHYS 511Area Electives51334511155
PHYS 512Area Electives51334511155
PHYS 531Area Electives51453454544
PHYS 532Area Electives51453424432
PHYS 538Area Electives
PHYS 541Area Electives54543533542
PHYS 550Area Electives513545
PHYS 555Area Electives
PHYS 561Area Electives534445334
PHYS 566Area Electives
PHYS 584Area Electives525545
PHYS 591Area Electives
PHYS 592Area Electives51324433332
XM 590Area Electives555555
L1:Develop the ability to use critical, analytical, and reflective thinking and reasoning
L2:Reflect on social and ethical responsibilities in his/her professional life.
L3:Gain experience and confidence in the dissemination of project/research outputs
L4:Work responsibly and creatively as an individual or as a member or leader of a team and in multidisciplinary environments.
L5:Communicate effectively by oral, written, graphical and technological means and have competency in English.
L6:Independently reach and acquire information, and develop appreciation of the need for continuously learning and updating.
F1:Design and model engineering systems and processes and solve engineering problems with an innovative approach.
F2:Establish experimental setups, conduct experiments and/or simulations.
F3:Analytically acquire and interpret data.
P1:Use advanced Math (including probability and/or statistics), advanced sciences, advanced computer and programming, and advanced Electronics engineering knowledge to design and analyze complex electronics circuits, instruments, software and electronic systems with hardware/software.
P2:Analyze and design advanced communication networks and systems, advanced signal processing algorithms or software using advanced knowledge on diff. equations, linear algebra, complex variables and discrete math.