Course & Program Outcomes Matrix

Program Outcomes
Code Course Type L1L2L3L4L5P1P2P3P4P5P6P7P8
AL 102University Courses
CIP 101University Courses
CIP 101NUniversity Courses
CS 201Area Electives1222311111111
CS 450Core Electives II (Skill Courses)5555545533214
CULT 201Area Electives55455
CULT 223Area Electives55453
CULT 242Area Electives54355
CULT 322Area Electives
CULT 325Area Electives55453
CULT 341Area Electives
CULT 342Area Electives53453
CULT 343Area Electives55554
CULT 355Area Electives55553
CULT 360Area Electives44455
CULT 361Area Electives5355524422222
CULT 362Area Electives5555523222222
CULT 364Area Electives55555
CULT 391Area Electives5525311151431
CULT 399Area Electives3445511131331
CULT 432Area Electives4545313153321
CULT 434Area Electives54154
CULT 441Area Electives
CULT 442Area Electives5545411151541
CULT 444Area Electives5555521251531
CULT 449Area Electives
CULT 451Area Electives54133
CULT 454Area Electives55354
CULT 491Area Electives55552
CULT 492Area Electives55554
ENG 101University Courses52355
ENG 102University Courses53455
FILM 331Area Electives
FILM 390Area Electives5545455555555
FILM 424Area Electives55553
FILM 432Area Electives34442
FILM 435Core Electives II (Skill Courses)5445535552513
FILM 436Area Electives54455
FILM 452Area Electives55554
HART 213Area Electives33121
HART 234Area Electives3425443354532
HART 292Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)4414115553411
HART 293Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)3333343353533
HART 311Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)4332155355543
HART 312Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)3432144354544
HART 320Area Electives1213131155531
HART 323Area Electives
HART 330Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)5455422254532
HART 333Area Electives
HART 334Area Electives12111
HART 411Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)1114115352511
HART 413Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)
HART 414Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)4123342133442
HART 424Area Electives11151
HART 426Area Electives35321
HART 431Area Electives33221
HART 444Area Electives54221
HART 450Area Electives1545415555533
HART 480Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)3341143354544
HIST 191University Courses53332
HIST 192University Courses54211
HUM 201University Courses53554
HUM 202University Courses35321
HUM 203University Courses53352
HUM 204University Courses44453
HUM 205University Courses43343
HUM 206University Courses52535
HUM 211University Courses54453
HUM 212University Courses44141
HUM 214University Courses44453
HUM 221University Courses54454
HUM 222University Courses44541
HUM 224University Courses44453
HUM 231University Courses53354
HUM 232University Courses42131
HUM 241University Courses54543
HUM 251University Courses52232
HUM 261University Courses
HUM 271University Courses
IF 100University Courses55513
LIT 212Area Electives5535414341211
LIT 290Area Electives55515
LIT 320Area Electives54452
LIT 334Area Electives45353
LIT 345Area Electives
LIT 359Area Electives
LIT 394Area Electives55555
LIT 430Area Electives55555
LIT 434Area Electives
LIT 440Area Electives5444312142221
LIT 445Area Electives
LIT 452Area Electives
LIT 492Area Electives5342211151111
MATH 101University Courses15331
MATH 102University Courses14241
MJC 100University Courses15311
NS 101University Courses55555
NS 102University Courses55555
PROJ 102University Courses55555
PROJ 201University Courses
PROJ 300Required Courses5555555555555
PSY 301Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)5545311111111
PSY 302Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)5545511121113
PSY 405Area Electives5555311111111
SPS 101University Courses55553
SPS 102University Courses52234
SPS 303University Courses53253
TLL 101University Courses55455
TLL 102University Courses55455
VA 201Required Courses3345355535323
VA 202Required Courses4444255535425
VA 203Required Courses4452343355445
VA 204Required Courses4452354555445
VA 210Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)1154455434223
VA 215Area Electives54555
VA 228Area Electives
VA 234Required Courses
VA 301Required Courses5444555555325
VA 302Required Courses3155145555515
VA 310Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)
VA 312Core Electives I (Art/Design History Courses)3455113555511
VA 315Area Electives
VA 321Area Electives5545555455445
VA 322Area Electives
VA 323Core Electives II (Skill Courses)5452445545445
VA 324Core Electives II (Skill Courses)5454454555445
VA 325Core Electives II (Skill Courses)5454555321515
VA 327Area Electives11232
VA 328Core Electives II (Skill Courses)4354345555435
VA 329Area Electives5255553554415
VA 331Core Electives II (Skill Courses)3334345545225
VA 333Area Electives1345545535215
VA 335Core Electives II (Skill Courses)5544535545314
VA 336Area Electives
VA 345Area Electives4554555535325
VA 399Area Electives5455545555515
VA 401Required Courses3555555514215
VA 402Required Courses5445355334344
VA 420Area Electives55555
VA 424Area Electives
VA 428Area Electives23221
VA 430Area Electives33333
VA 431Core Electives II (Skill Courses)5555555555555
VA 433Core Electives II (Skill Courses)5555555555555
VA 434Area Electives5555555555555
VA 437Area Electives22331
VA 439Area Electives
VA 440Area Electives5555555555555
VA 441Area Electives44433
VA 442Area Electives44433
VA 444Area Electives3553554215125
VA 446Area Electives34543
VA 453Area Electives4343554453543
VA 455Area Electives45554
VA 456Core Electives II (Skill Courses)4534353444533
VA 461Area Electives
VA 490Area Electives4244435432223
VIS 308Area Electives
VIS 310Area Electives54555
VIS 412Area Electives53555
L1:Understand the world, their country, their society, as well as themselves and have awareness of ethical problems, social rights, values and responsibility to the self and to others.
L2:Understand different disciplines from natural and social sciences to mathematics and art, and develop interdisciplinary approaches in thinking and practice.
L3:Think critically, follow innovations and developments in science and technology, demonstrate personal and organizational entrepreneurship and engage in life-long learning in various subjects.
L4:Communicate effectively in Turkish and English by oral, written, graphical and technological means.
L5:Take individual and team responsibility, function effectively and respectively as an individual and a member or a leader of a team; and have the skills to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams.
P1:Demonstrate safe working habits and a general understanding of materials and processes in the visual arts.
P2:Demonstrate knowledge of representational processes using visual as well as audial material as mediums of representation.
P3:Show working knowledge of the process of transforming abstract/textual concepts into concrete, audio/visual forms.
P4:Appreciate and express the cultural significance of art and understand its evolution and purposes.
P5:Develop an awareness of compositional and organizational strategies for the effective deployment of formal elements of visual art.
P6:Read visual texts with a deep knowledge of art history and theory and the ability of situating the content and form of the visual representation both in a historical and thematic context.
P7:Employ necessary background knowledge regarding art administration in the body of museums and galleries.
P8:Show a practical and technical command of materials and methods in one or more media of the visual arts.