Graduate Programs (Second Cycle)

 - Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Cyber Security (With Thesis)
Cyber Security (Non Thesis)
Data Analytics
Electronics Engineering
Energy Technologies and Management (With Thesis)
Energy Technologies and Management (Non Thesis)
Industrial Engineering
Information Technology
Manufacturing Engineering (With Thesis)
Manufacturing Engineering (Non Thesis)
Materials Science and Nano Engineering
Physics (With Thesis)
Physics (Non Thesis) 

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 

Conflict Analysis and Resolution (With Thesis)
Conflict Analysis and Resolution (Non Thesis)
Cultural Studies (With Thesis)
Cultural Studies (Non Thesis)
Economics (With Thesis)
Economics (Non Thesis)
European Studies (With Thesis)
European Studies (Non Thesis)
History (With Thesis)
History (Non Thesis)
Political Science (With Thesis)
Political Science (Non Thesis)
Turkish Studies (With Thesis)
Turkish Studies (Non Thesis)
Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design (With Thesis)
Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design (Non Thesis)

School of Management  

Business Analytics
Masters in Finance
Executive MBA