Course & Program Outcomes Matrix - Master's

Program Outcomes
Code Course Type L1L2L3L4L5L6P1P2P3P4P5
ENS 555Required Courses52415311111
GR 501ERequired Courses55144311111
GR 502ERequired Courses
GR 503ERequired Courses
GR 555ERequired Courses545455
MATH 501Required Courses52523455555
MATH 502Required Courses51532455544
MATH 505Required Courses41421444313
MATH 511Required Courses51114354442
MATH 512Required Courses534454454
MATH 514Required Courses52233455555
MATH 517Required Courses
MATH 541Required Courses
MATH 542Required Courses
MATH 551Required Courses33222534432
MATH 552Required Courses33222534432
MATH 590Master Thesis
L1:Develop the ability to use critical, analytical, and reflective thinking and reasoning
L2:Reflect on social and ethical responsibilities in his/her professional life.
L3:Gain experience and confidence in the dissemination of project/research outputs
L4:Work responsibly and creatively as an individual or as a member or leader of a team and in multidisciplinary environments.
L5:Communicate effectively by oral, written, graphical and technological means and have competency in English.
L6:Independently reach and acquire information, and develop appreciation of the need for continuously learning and updating.
P1:Develop abstract mathematical thinking and mathematical intuition.
P2:Demonstrate a broad understanding of several areas of advanced mathematics and of their interrelations.
P3:Have knowledge of the fundamental and advanced concepts, principles and techniques from a range of topics.
P4:The ability to tackle complex problems, reveal structures and clarify problems, discover suitable analytical and/or numerical methods and interpret solutions.
P5:Analyze problems of the area of specialization, plan strategies for their solution, and apply notions and methods of abstract and/or applied mathematics to solve them.