Course & Program Outcomes Matrix

Program Outcomes
Code Course Type L1L2L3L4L5F1F2F3F4F5F6F7P1P2
AL 102University Courses
BIO 301Required Courses33555522555555
BIO 303Required Courses42444544342355
BIO 304Core Electives34353
BIO 306Core Electives33555522555555
BIO 308Core Electives32433
BIO 310Core Electives54554555553555
BIO 321Required Courses55555534353555
BIO 322Core Electives55555344343455
BIO 330Area Electives52345222122233
BIO 332Required Courses54455444242355
BIO 335Core Electives25333323151244
BIO 363Core Electives
BIO 370Core Electives55555
BIO 404Core Electives44554
BIO 407Core Electives33334
BIO 415Core Electives34243223342333
BIO 445Core Electives3555544444555
BIO 447Core Electives23455
BIO 452Core Electives55553
BIO 466Core Electives35444
BIO 467Core Electives33453343342444
BIO 480Area Electives35555
CHEM 202Core Electives22234434332134
CHEM 301Core Electives21555335553533
CHEM 302Core Electives12221112121122
CIP 101University Courses
CIP 101NUniversity Courses
CS 201Core Electives12223243411111
CS 202Core Electives13423
CS 204Core Electives11132212111111
CS 210Area Electives14454444442311
CS 300Core Electives13423332111111
CS 301Core Electives11312555541113
CS 302Area Electives111314432232
CS 303Area Electives11344444431111
CS 305Area Electives11111545211111
CS 306Core Electives111111453111
CS 307Area Electives111113233211
CS 308Area Electives22334222511111
CS 310Area Electives33542235313311
CS 400Area Electives24454555422211
CS 401Area Electives11344444441211
CS 402Area Electives11111444411111
CS 403Area Electives11344555511111
CS 404Core Electives24444555553313
CS 405Area Electives13345445521111
CS 407Area Electives233314342221
CS 408Area Electives112351331111
CS 409Area Electives25343554421111
CS 411Area Electives11344555522211
CS 412Area Electives11333555451211
CS 432Area Electives212341331111
CS 445Area Electives
CS 450Area Electives555554545324
CS 480Area Electives22454
CS 48000Area Electives233344544334
CS 48001Area Electives22333335324311
CS 48002Area Electives
CS 48003Area Electives
CS 481Area Electives
EE 302Area Electives12121454431111
EE 303Area Electives44433555552211
EE 307Area Electives35543554534413
EE 311Area Electives54534554443311
EE 312Area Electives22434554541211
EE 404Area Electives45554543554424
EE 410Area Electives21344344111111
EE 473Area Electives14112333541133
EE 48001Area Electives
EL 202Area Electives35554
EL 204Area Electives15522
EL 302Area Electives12121
EL 303Area Electives44433
EL 305Area Electives15522
EL 306Area Electives13345
EL 308Area Electives12122
EL 310Area Electives15544
EL 401Area Electives15544
EL 402Area Electives
EL 404Area Electives45554
EL 407Area Electives55535
EL 444Area Electives14344
EL 473Area Electives14112
EL 480Area Electives42344
ENG 101University Courses523551111111
ENG 102University Courses534551111111
ENS 201Area Electives222223323222
ENS 202Core Electives23444555332445
ENS 203Area Electives144455545111
ENS 204Area Electives111225534111
ENS 205Core Electives14532544342511
ENS 206Core Electives25423555432222
ENS 207Area Electives253335521113
ENS 208Area Electives113234322242
ENS 209Area Electives334244344322
ENS 210Required Courses14544444444455
ENS 211Area Electives143225533212
ENS 222Area Electives
ENS 302Area Electives555552232245
ENS 303Area Electives144355445241
ENS 315Area Electives133112211133
ENS 409Area Electives12222555441111
ENS 413Area Electives21522
ENS 414Area Electives
ENS 480Area Electives54433
ENS 4803Area Electives22233212232223
ENS 491Required Courses44555555555555
ENS 492Required Courses44555555555555
ENS 498Core Electives
ENS 499Core Electives
HIST 191University Courses533321111133
HIST 192University Courses54211
HUM 201University Courses535541111111
HUM 202University Courses353211111111
HUM 203University Courses53352
HUM 204University Courses444531111111
HUM 205University Courses43343
HUM 206University Courses525351111321
HUM 207University Courses
HUM 211University Courses54453
HUM 212University Courses441411111111
HUM 214University Courses444531111111
HUM 221University Courses54454
HUM 222University Courses44541
HUM 224University Courses44453
HUM 231University Courses533541124211
HUM 232University Courses42131
HUM 241University Courses54543
HUM 251University Courses52232
HUM 261University Courses
HUM 271University Courses
IE 301Area Electives14122343121111
IE 302Area Electives11221333211111
IE 305Area Electives22544454443311
IE 311Area Electives2345255553221
IE 313Area Electives11221333211111
IE 415Area Electives24425345421111
IE 471Area Electives44333333424411
IE 472Area Electives13445344345311
IE 48002Area Electives23221343352233
IE 48004Area Electives
IE 48005Area Electives155335454332
IF 100University Courses555135555321
MAT 202Core Electives11555
MAT 204Area Electives134425555212
MAT 206Core Electives13342554431222
MAT 302Area Electives111541225511
MAT 305Area Electives224545421314
MAT 306Core Electives13444555351244
MAT 307Area Electives345554444433
MAT 308Area Electives234432445211
MAT 309Area Electives55555
MAT 312Area Electives224423353412
MAT 314Area Electives414314453212
MAT 401Area Electives11333554431121
MAT 402Area Electives115555555155
MAT 404Area Electives14334555555512
MAT 405Area Electives324533232311
MAT 406Area Electives11442445421423
MAT 408Area Electives335515553212
MAT 416Core Electives35544
MAT 422Area Electives12455
MAT 480Area Electives35555
MAT 48000Area Electives11434334112311
MATH 101University Courses153315311111
MATH 102University Courses142414422111
MATH 201Area Electives12111412111111
MATH 202Core Electives15222534322251
MATH 203Core Electives24433432221111
MATH 204Core Electives14232432111111
MATH 206Area Electives15431521111111
MATH 301Area Electives14213432233243
MATH 302Area Electives15431
MATH 305Area Electives142224433222
MATH 306Core Electives23221343452233
MATH 307Area Electives23221
MATH 311Area Electives355335443223
MATH 317Area Electives244325322212
MATH 318Area Electives13442211111111
MATH 322Area Electives14421331111111
MATH 401Area Electives13222
MATH 402Area Electives154115211111
MATH 409Area Electives154313111111
MATH 410Area Electives15431
MATH 414Area Electives134314223112
ME 301Area Electives33434455411411
ME 302Area Electives24434555511411
ME 303Area Electives122225555421
ME 304Area Electives144455553423
ME 305Area Electives254455533322
ME 307Area Electives11231553211112
ME 308Area Electives334454345432
ME 309Area Electives143555543312
ME 312Area Electives234345555332
ME 403Area Electives24435555554311
ME 407Area Electives123333445511
ME 409Area Electives15454554442322
ME 415Area Electives15144545211111
ME 420Area Electives454445544125
ME 425Area Electives111225554512
ME 435Area Electives25555555544524
ME 480Area Electives455555554445
MJC 100University Courses153111111111
MS 301Area Electives14122
MS 302Area Electives11221
MS 303Area Electives33432
MS 304Area Electives23342
MS 305Area Electives11344
MS 306Area Electives23222
MS 307Area Electives22233
MS 309Area Electives12213
MS 401Area Electives22333
MS 402Area Electives11133
MS 403Area Electives24222
MS 405Area Electives24424
MS 407Area Electives33334
MS 408Area Electives34444
MS 409Area Electives23455
MS 411Area Electives23344
MS 412Area Electives33322
MS 413Area Electives13555
MS 415Area Electives24425
MS 417Area Electives11344
MS 418Area Electives12111
MS 420Area Electives12255
MS 430Area Electives23311
MS 451Area Electives13455
MS 454Area Electives23453
MS 480Area Electives24543
MS 481Area Electives24443
NS 101University Courses555554442313
NS 102University Courses555554442313
NS 200Area Electives12211333333311
NS 201Required Courses55555311432355
NS 206Area Electives55542423342322
NS 207Core Electives11132334341111
NS 208Core Electives45554333324455
NS 209Area Electives24522222332223
NS 210Area Electives45232
NS 212Area Electives55533
NS 213Area Electives15533553211112
NS 214Area Electives15424433211111
NS 216Required Courses55434212333244
NS 220Area Electives52453313313111
NS 222Area Electives34422432211212
NS 223Area Electives54534
NS 224Area Electives554352221144
PHYS 211Area Electives55542
PHYS 302Area Electives13213
PHYS 303Core Electives14533443211133
PHYS 304Area Electives125335543111
PHYS 401Area Electives233335543211
PHYS 412Core Electives24322444211111
PHYS 438Area Electives14444
PHYS 484Area Electives244345544222
PHYS 492Area Electives13555423311111
PROJ 102University Courses555553333333
PROJ 201University Courses
PROJ 302Required Courses55555
PSY 350Area Electives
SPS 101University Courses55553
SPS 102University Courses52234
SPS 303University Courses53253
TE 301Area Electives14523
TE 302Area Electives22434
TE 303Area Electives44444
TE 304Area Electives11353
TE 401Area Electives55544
TE 402Area Electives24355
TE 404Area Electives44555
TE 407Area Electives15555
TE 409Area Electives11113
TE 410Area Electives23433
TE 412Area Electives42355
TE 480Area Electives11455
TLL 101University Courses554551111112
TLL 102University Courses554551111112
L1:Understand the world, their country, their society, as well as themselves and have awareness of ethical problems, social rights, values and responsibility to the self and to others.
L2:Understand different disciplines from natural and social sciences to mathematics and art, and develop interdisciplinary approaches in thinking and practice.
L3:Think critically, follow innovations and developments in science and technology, demonstrate personal and organizational entrepreneurship and engage in life-long learning in various subjects.
L4:Communicate effectively in Turkish and English by oral, written, graphical and technological means.
L5:Take individual and team responsibility, function effectively and respectively as an individual and a member or a leader of a team; and have the skills to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams.
F1:Possess sufficient knowledge of mathematics, science and program-specific engineering topics; use theoretical and applied knowledge of these areas in complex engineering problems.
F2:Identify, define, formulate and solve complex engineering problems; choose and apply suitable analysis and modeling methods for this purpose.
F3:Develop, choose and use modern techniques and tools that are needed for analysis and solution of complex problems faced in engineering applications; possess knowledge of standards used in engineering applications; use information technologies effectively.
F4:Ability to design a complex system, process, instrument or a product under realistic constraints and conditions, with the goal of fulfilling specified needs; apply modern design techniques for this purpose.
F5:Design and conduct experiments, collect data, analyze and interpret the results to investigate complex engineering problems or program-specific research areas.
F6:Knowledge of business practices such as project management, risk management and change management; awareness on innovation; knowledge of sustainable development.
F7:Knowledge of impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, health and societal context; knowledge of contemporary issues; awareness on legal outcomes of engineering solutions; understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
P1:Comprehend key concepts in biology and physiology, with emphasis on molecular genetics, biochemistry and molecular and cell biology as well as advanced mathematics and statistics.
P2:Develop conceptual background for interfacing of biology with engineering for a professional awareness of contemporary biological research questions and the experimental and theoretical methods used to address them.